The project consists of work packages that aim at creating a PEM-power supply prototype, which will be demonstrated. The project is divided into three main parts: optimisation of fuel cell, implementation of power supply and instrumentation and making of a prototype.


State-of-the-art cell and system solutions

In this work package all the backround material of project partners will be collected and literature references will be looked through. After this, the relevant backround material will be gatherd in electronic format, and a summary and focusing of the work plan will be made.

Optimisation of the fuel cell

This work package consists of work related to developing cell's optimisation model, choosing a MEA combination, performing cell's optimisation measurements and finding out what is the effect of  impurities to performance. 

Structures of the cell

Designing of a full-scale disc and characterisation of materials are included in this work package. By development of structures it is aimed to fulfil the requirements set to weight, capacity and costs. 

Development of application and steering system

A result of this work package will be an integrated power supply integrated from partial system.