The objective of the project is to prove the international level of Finnish know-how on PEM- and PEM-power pack systems and create

The project also aims at demonstrating a 1 kW PEM-power pack in some suitable environment. Productisation of a power source exploiting PEM-fuel cell is at sight as well. To reach this goal, it is tried to develop the basics of manufacturing technology, which enables economical serial production.

1st year

The objective of the research is to find out, which impurities in fuel cells' normal conditions of use are the most harmful and what are the effect mechanisms of these impurities in fuel cells' different components. The aim is to find out, which impurities have to be filtered from the air fed to cells.

Information on the effect of impurities can be exploited in planning of fuel cell applications. It makes it possible to choose the right kind of air filters. To maximise performance and life span of fuel cell equipment, it is relevant to minimise the effects of impurities.

Even though the aim is not to develop or design a filter, the results may be of interest to filter manufacturers who want to expand their product range to fuel cell air filters. In addition, knowing the effect mechanisms of impurities helps in development of new, better enduring catalysts, electrodes and other components.