The general aim of the project is to develop a prototype of a PEM fuel cell power pack, which will be demonstrated later on. The work consists of three areas: optimisation of the fuel cell,  implementation of a power pack, instrumentation and preparing a prototype.

The project is funded by VTT, Helsinki University of Technology, participating companies and Tekes (National Technology Agency of Finland).

Duration of the project is 3 years starting 1 January 2004 and ending 31 December 2006. The project is part of Tekes Distributed Energy Systems Technology Program, DENSY.

Starting point

It is estimated that fuel cell market grows significantly in the near future. Liberation of electricity market, decreasing dependence on oil production, securing energy availability and environmental concern work as drivers for fuel cell development. Typical areas of applications are portable electronics, phones, computers, back-up power for offices and industry, and back-up or actual energy source for link stations and other separate measuring stations. Specifically vast markets are expected to be in traffic, engines and production of additional electricity (APU=Auxiliary Power Unit). Also distributed energy supply and residential applications has market potential. For industry this means a chance to initiate new production and to gain bigger revenue.